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Over 250 apply for Blackpool Zoo Seagull Scarer position

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Human bird deterrents to be hired at Blackpool Zoo


Visitors to Blackpool Zoo are continually reminded not to feed the seagulls which regularly appear at the popular attraction in order to steal sandwiches from picnic baskets, however a much bigger ‘bird’ is set to appear and scare them away. 

In order to combat the regular influx of annoying seagulls, Blackpool Zoo are set to dress some poor individual up in a ridiculous bird costume in order to scare them away. The call-up is going out to people who are more than willing to run at, hit and kick seagulls in order to prevent them from swooping down and stealing visitors’ cakes and sandwiches.

Clearly this position will suit someone who fancies being laughed at, however candidates should possess at least some of the following qualifications:


  • Happy to wear a ridiculous costume
  • Happy to be attacked by fearless seagulls
  • Happy to be shat upon (by seagulls obviously)
  • Happy to be ridiculed by friends and family
  • Ready to be thrown bread by visitors
  • Not currently having a proper job


Blackpool Zoo clearly love animals of all shapes and sizes, however it’s fair to say that the seagulls are getting a bit tiresome and they need dealt with. Obviously staff at the zoo can’t shoot at the birds or throw stones at them in order to scare them away, so this latest tactic is something of a last resort.

Four staff members currently share the position and the advert for the vacancy has made headlines around the world.

Applications for the position have arrived from all around the world, including the United States, Australia and war-torn Ukraine. The successful applicants will be dressed up as a giant bird and their main remit will be to scare the living daylights out of seagulls and convince them not to come back.