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Blackpool Weather

Blackpool Weather

Blackpool Weather

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It’s certainly true that weather can play a massive part in any holiday and thankfully, Blackpool enjoys one of the sunniest climates in the north of England.

Blackpool’s situation on the coast of the Irish Sea helps make it one of the sunnier parts of northern England. That’s certainly not to say that your holiday in Blackpool will be wall-to-wall sunshine but there is a good chance that you will enjoy some sunny weather in the summer months and into the autumn. Indeed there’s nothing better than an evening stroll or al-fresco fish and chips in the sunshine along Blackpool’s famous promenade, followed by a delicious ice cream from the many vendors which dot the shoreline.

Nevertheless it is always advisable to plan ahead and check that all-important weather forecast in case a brolly might be needed later on. As with most places in the UK, the weather can change extremely quickly and that sunny walk along the beach can soon turn into a dash for cover as the heavens open. The opposite can also be true and after waking up to a view of a rain-soaked seafront, the sun can often come out and give holidaymakers a beautiful summer afternoon.

The all-important decision ahead of any holiday to Blackpool is what to pack. Should you bring shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops or will it be raincoats, umbrellas and hats? The best way to decide is to check the weather forecast and on this page you can see what lies ahead, whether it be days and days of high temperatures with sunny weather or cool, windy and wet.

Either way, Blackpool has much to offer in any weather. Even when it rains, there is a wealth of indoor entertainment and attractions to keep the kids (and adults) more than happy for days on end!