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Blackpool Tower

There can be little doubt that the Tower is the most famous landmark in Blackpool and it is certainly one of the best loved attractions in the UK. This historic structure was completed in 1894 and it was modelled on the taller Eiffel Tower in Paris. Even today, over 125 years after it opened, the tower astounds visitors and those who travel to the top are rewarded with amazing news as far as the Isle of Man and the Lake District, depending on weather conditions.

The Tower and associated buildings contain many different attractions to suit all tastes and ages. The most popular is the Blackpool Tower Eye which includes a five-centimetre thick glass walkway, some 380 feet above the pavement below. The views here an be amazing on a clear day and in all conditions there is an amazing vista of the promenade far below.



Below the tower is the Ballroom where visitors an be lost in a world of elegance and refined beauty. This ballroom was opened in 1894, the same year as the tower itself, and it is well known for its sprung dance floor and amazing architecture. BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing heads north to the ballroom each year with the dancers displaying their wares to the panel of judges.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is another hugely popular attraction in the complex. The dungeon provides visitors with a great selection of special effects, scenes, theatrical actors and a thrilling walk-through experience.

Each season, the Blackpool Tower Circus delivers an amazing array of adventurous acts from all four corners of the globe with incredible and thrilling death-defying acts and laughs aplenty from the resident clowns Mr Boo and Mooky. Each year this proves to be one of the most popular Blackpool attractions.

All-in-all, there’s loads to do at the Blackpool Tower for all there family and you can visit it all of the attractions on the complex with a single ticket.



Blackpool Tower is 518ft (158.1m) in height and the viewing platform is some 380ft above ground level.

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, construction of Blackpool Tower started in 1891 and the structure was completed just three years later in 1894.

You can't actually get to the very top of Blackpool Tower but you can purchase tickets to visit the Blackpool Eye at 380ft and you reach this level via a lift. This is the highest observation deck in north-west England

To take the lift to the Blackpool Tower Eye sewing platform, you need to purchase a ticket. Advance tickets can be purchased for as little as £13 for an adult and under 3s go for free!

During January 2022, Blackpool Tower is only open at weekends. During February, the attraction is open each weekend and weekdays from 14th to 18th. From March 2022 to December the tower is open daily from 10am to 5pm.