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Where can you get the cheapest pint in Blackpool?

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Where can you get the cheapest pint in Blackpool?


The cost of living crisis is hitting many families and as such, many are looking at ways to cut their weekly spending while still enjoying some treats such as a meal out and a few pints of beer. With this in mind, we take a look to see where the best value pint can be found in and around Blackpool right now.

The price of a pint of draught beer has increased by 48p in the last twelve months to a national average of £4.50 and as such, a trip to the pub can be a somewhat costly affair. Indeed, the price of a pint in London could soar to a massive £9.99 within the next two years and as such, many are opting to drink at home instead.

In reality, the high prices being charged in the capital may be expected but Lancashire and the rest of Northern England is far from immune to rising drinks prices and you might well find yourself paying in excess of £4 for your favourite pint of lager.

This is being seen by many as a sign of the times but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case, one particular Blackpool pub offering pints for a mere £1.90 (at the time of writing) and no, it isn’t a Wetherspoons!!!

At the Ardwick on Foxhall Road you can grab yourself a Fosters or a John Smith’s and get change from a £2 coin. This is certainly refreshing for a boozer which isn’t a part of the Wetherspoons chain and it certainly helps that the pub is a ‘free house’ and not attached to a brewery. The premium ales here are more expensive which is entirely understandable but they are still priced very competitively compared to other pubs in the area.

The best part of all this is that the Ardwick is situated a stones’ throw from Central Pier and Blackpool Tower. OK so it isn’t on the seafront but a one minute stroll from the Promenade will bring you here.

For those looking for a cheap pint in a pub which doesn’t have the Wetherspoons menu on every table, then a trip to the Ardwick will fit the bill.