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Summer may almost be over but future still bright for Blackpool in 2023

Blackpool News

The summer may almost be at an end but there’s still much to do in Blackpool between now and the end of the year with many attractions remaining open throughout the autumn and winter months, plus of course the fabulous Blackpool Illuminations which will light up the seafront until the start of 2024.


Summer may almost be over but future still bright for Blackpool in 2023


At the time of writing, Blackpool is waking up to yet another glorious sun-filled morning and it’s hard to believe that we’re already into September. Nevertheless, with the Illuminations now in full swing, it’s clear that there’s still much to do and see in Blackpool.

It could be argued that we’ve not really had much of a summer this year and it’s certainly true that rainy days have probably outnumbered the sunny ones. Nevertheless, Blackpool caters for all weathers and with plenty of indoor attractions, there’s much to keep families of all ages happy even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

That’s not an issue this week as the weather forecast promises more in the way of sunshine and high temperatures, Blackpool bracing itself for an influx of last-minute visitors looking to grab what could well prove to be the last rays of the summer.

The Blackpool Illuminations – which have once again been extended to four months – will draw in a large number of visitors to the town over the next few months and in the longer term, the future is looking bright thanks to a £300 million major investment which will see more facilities and attractions for both locals and visitors alike.

All-in-all, things are looking good for Blackpool right now with visitor numbers higher than expected throughout 2023 and well up on what was a very successful 2022 summer season. The public are rediscovering the benefits of holidaying closer to home and there’s no doubt that a holiday in Blackpool is ideal for those looking to holiday on a budget.