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With millions visiting each year, it should come as no huge surprise to learn that Blackpool offers a hugely varied and wide choice of restaurants which cater for all tastes.

Blackpool is the premier seaside destination in the UK and as well as offering a huge range of attractions, visitors can enjoy a massive variety of restaurants and other eateries. 

While fast food tends to dominate along the seafront, holidaymakers can choose from a huge range of establishments to suit their tastes.

Indian restaurants are hugely popular and Blackpool has some of the very best in the north of England, while Chinese restaurants are to be found in all areas of the town. Italian restaurants and Thai restaurants also feature, both in the town centre and further afield while fans of Greek and Mexican food will find plenty to tickle their taste buds.

No trip to Blackpool is complete however without sampling Fish and Chips. Chip shops are in abundance along the promenade and on the piers and the food available is generally of an excellent quality as well as being reasonably priced. Here you will find some of the best fish and chip shops in Lancashire and you can either ‘eat in’ or enjoy your food on the go (watch out for the ever-hungry seagulls along the promenade).

At the other end of the scale, Blackpool offers many high-end restaurants offering English, Meditteranean and many other dishes. Many of the main Blackpool attractions offer some form of food outlet, whether a cafe or restaurant and these are always of an excellent quality.  Some of the more popular food outlets are to be found on each of the three piers and these also include many bars, all with outdoor seating areas.

All-in-all, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes, whether you are visiting as a family, individually or as a couple.