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Infusion is one of the newer rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach although it has been around since 2007 and continues to be one of the most popular rides at the park. This is an inverted steel roller coaster and at 689m in length, it is the very first to be inverted over water. Infusion sits in the shadow of The Big One and was brought here from Pleasureland Southport where it was named ‘Traumatizer’. When that venue closed in 2006, the whole ride was transported to Blackpool and it has been a favourite with visitors ever since.

The Infusion ride consists of two trains and in each one there are eight cars with two people in each car. The ride goes to a height of 109ft and has a length of approximately 2,260ft.

This ride gets underway with a climb of 109ft before the train enters into a steep curved incline. The ride then takes passengers von two half loops which are connected by a corkscrew and then it pulls up into a banked apex before dropping suddenly and sharply into a loop transitioning into another corkscrew. Two 90 degree turns follow before the train straightens out for its return to the station.

This is one of the most thrilling rides at the park and its close proximity to The Big One means that most visitors head for this attraction soon after taking a ride on the tallest and fastest ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Our Thrill Verdict

Make no mistake, this is one of the most exciting rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It certainly isn’t the tallest or fastest ride here but the many twists, turns and dramatic drops make this a thrill-seekers’ dream. Our tip here is to go on The Big One first and then head to Infusion, the two rides complement each other perfectly.

All things considered, we think this ride is worthy of an almost-perfect 4.5 in our Thrill Rating.

Thrill Rating