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Plans to revitalise bar on historic Blackpool North Pier

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Plans to revitalise bar on historic Blackpool North Pier


The Merrie England Bar has been a favourite destination on Blackpool’s historic North Pier for over 60 years and it is in line for a major investment which would revitalise the pub.


Much needed investment

A popular bar situated at the entrance of the oldest of the Blackpool piers is in line for some much needed investment after plans were recently announced to refurbish and upgrade the venue. Formerly the Merrie England Bar, the unit opposite Talbot Square is set to be completely transformed if the proposals which have been submitted to Blackpool Council are given the green light. The plans have been drawn up by Joseph Boniface and the Blackpool-based architect said: Joseph Boniface Architects Ltd were appointed by Blackpool Pier Company Ltd in 2022 to design a new landmark bar at the former Merrie England on North Pier.



Incredible views

“The proposals include opening up the west and north elevations providing incredible views towards the Lake District and a complete internal and external refurbishment. This includes a new central island bar, internal terrace and new internal fit out to provide a completely new setting to enjoy a drink with a view.”



High quality environment

The Grade II listed Blackpool North Pier is the oldest of the town’s three famous piers and dates back to 1863, while the Merrie England Bar was opened in 1960. Under the new proposals, the applicant wishes to start afresh and remove any connotations with the ‘Merrie England’ name. The front and side elevations of the development will be completely updated and the intention is to provide visitors with a ‘high quality environment in which to drink’.