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While it is completely overshadowed by its louder, brasher and much larger neighbour, Fleetwood is nevertheless a popular seaside destination in its own right, Situated to the north of Blackpool, this resort has much to offer those in search of something a little quieter and slower-paced. Indeed given that Fleetwood can be reached by tram from the centre of Blackpool in under 20 minutes, it comes as something of a surprise to discover that the town has an air of individuality about it.

Sadly the Fleetwood Pier and its associated attractions has now gone – a victim of fire damage in the latter years of the 20th century – however many attractions remain in this popular town. The seafront is lined with the usual amusement arcades and bars while the wide sandy beach is far less crowded than that of Blackpool or even nearby Cleveleys. A small ferry links Fleetwood with Knott-end on Sea which offers a pleasant alternative with seaside walks, a hotel and pub as well as catering outlets. This ferry takes than 5 minutes to make the crossing and is operational throughout the summer months, tide depending.

In the centre of Fleetwood there is a wide variety of bars, restaurants and cafes as well as numerous high street shopping outlets. Notable attractions include the Pharos Lighthouse, a 93 foot high lighthouse dating from victorian times which towers above the town, and the nearby Beach Lighthouse which is of a similar vintage but far smaller at just 44 feet. The ‘Wyre Light’ is a third lighthouse out at sea, this wooden structure only reachable at low tide.



Other attractions in Fleetwood include Farmer Parr’s Animal World which consists of an outdoor and indoor farm for children, complete with an outdoor play area and an indoor bouncy castle. How about trying your hand at bowling or crazy golf at the Beach & Marine Gardens? The Fleetwood Museum takes visitors back in time to discover what the town was like in different periods in history and it’s situated right in the centre of town!

Fleetwood really is a destination in its own right so why not jump on the tram and see what it has to offer.