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Blue Flyer

Blue Flyer

Here’s one for the kids (and perhaps a few adults too). Blue Flyer is a family-friendly rollercoaster of long standing. This is the fourth wooden rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and easily the smallest, however what it lacks in stature it makes up for in character.

This little rollercoaster was opened in 1934 and it is believed to have been built by Charlie Paige. It is aimed at the whole family and to be honest won’t really appeal to those seeking heart-stopping thrills.

Nevertheless it certainly has its place at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and it’s wide appeal continues to this day, almost 90 years after it opened to the public. The maximum height of this ride is 15ft and the trains travel at up to 20mph, the initial part of the rollercoaster consisting of a 15ft lift hill which is followed by a drop into three smaller hills and a subsequent tunnel. The ride comes out of this tunnel and proceeds along a gradual incline before it slows down and comes into the station.

This ride consists of a single train consisting of five cars. The riders are arranged in 2 rows of 2 to make up a total of 20 riders. The rollercoaster was given a Grade II listing in April 2017 and as such, its future its assured for future generations to enjoy.

Our Thrill Verdict

This really is one for the kids. If you’re wanting a rip-roaring heart-pounding thrill, then this one probably isn’t for you. The duration of one minute is more than sufficient for this gentle little rollercoaster and the real attraction lies in its charm and character. This is a real gem of a vintage rollercoaster and for smaller kids, this is an excellent introduction into the world of pleasure rides. Our Thrill Rating of 2 is largely irrelevant here, so for the smaller kids we give it a massive 5 out of 5!!!

Thrill Rating