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Blackpool Zoo welcomes baby Orangutan

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Blackpool Zoo welcomes baby Orangutan


Bornean Orangutan, Summer, has become a mother for the very first time after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.


Brand new arrival

Blackpool Zoo has a brand new arrival in the form of baby orangutan who was born on 28th April. The yet-to-be-named baby is reported as doing extremely well and living with another new orangutan mother, Jingga along with her son, Jarang. Kawan is the father of these two youngsters and he arrived at Blackpool Zoo from the Netherlands, replacing Ramon who was moved to Germany where he was more suited for breeding with a group there. Ramon has since become a father in his new home and as such, the move has been seen as a big success in helping save this endangered species.


Huge success

Following talks between specialist keepers in this country and the EEP (European Ex-Situ Programme), Kawan was selected in order to help form a breeding group at Blackpool Zoo and this move has also proven to be a huge success. New mother, Summer, has been at the zoo for 22 years, having been born there in 2002, and she has grown and flourished during that time.



The five Orangutans at Blackpool Zoo live in a specialist £1 million Orangutan facility which has been designed specifically to cater for the exact needs of this species. Bornean Orangutan are classified as an endangered species and there is a high risk that they could soon become extinct in the wild due to deforestation and over development of the land in which they thrive.