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Blackpool Tower turning blue tonight

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Blackpool Tower turning blue tonight


If you are passing by any of the local landmarks around Blackpool tonight (for example Blackpool Tower or Lytham Windmill), then you may well notice them looking a little different. It won’t take you long to realise that they are lit up in blue and the reason for this is that the colourful spectacle is aimed at highlighting World Growing Prevention Day.

This special illumination will last for one day only (Tuesday, 25th July) and a total of eight landmarks across Lancashire will receive this special treatment. Members of the public are being asked to submit photographs of their local landmark lit up in blue using hashtag #DrowningPreventionDay.


The landmarks illuminated in our region include:


  • Lytham Windmill
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Ormskirk Clock Tower
  • Rivington Pike
  • Rivington Pigeon Tower
  • Chorley Town Hall
  • Skelmersdale Light Cube
  • Fleetwood Marine Hall


Liam Wilson, Prevention Group Manager from Lancashire Fire & rescue Service, said: “We are happy to be supporting such an important cause, as many people sadly lose their lives in the UK in and around water each year. It’s so important to be mindful of dangers you can face.

There are many hidden dangers of swimming in open water, even strong swimmers can get into difficulty due to cold water shock. The water can be deep, submerged objects may not be visible and it’s difficult to estimate the depth before you get in. If you do get into difficulty, stay calm, float on your back and call for help. If you see someone else struggling in inland water, call 999 and ask for the FRS. If you are at the coast, ask for the Coastguard.”