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Blackpool set to become a new centre for tech innovation

Blackpool is constantly reinventing itself with many new projects either underway or in the pipeline, therefore why not keep up to date with the latest Blackpool news here at


Blackpool set to become a new centre for tech innovation


Plans to completely transform Blackpool into a ‘high performance data centre’ have been announced with the aim of developing a new centre next to Blackpool Airport.


Transform Blackpool into a major data centre

Silicon Sands is the name given to a planned new development which would transform Blackpool into a major data centre to rival the best tech zones in the UK. The plan has been revealed to potential investors and data centre developers for a centre which would combine renewable power supplies and internet connectivity, while the new planned tech zone may lead to more advanced manufacturing in the seaside resort as well as startups for AI and video game businesses.


Thousands of well-paid jobs

The new Silicon Sands development would take place on land currently occupied by aircraft hangars at Blackpool Airport. These hangars would be removed and re-erected closer to the airport runway, therefore aircraft owners and flying clubs wouldn’t need to move to other local airports. The proposed development could also attract further inward investment into the town and create thousands of well-paid employment opportunities, this in turn helping to alleviate and reverse the loss of young talent from the town.


Climate friendly development

This would be a climate friendly development which would be up to 50% more energy efficient thanks to use of technologies which include liquid immersion cooling. The site would consist of a 40 acre tech zone to the north of Blackpool Airport with excellent transport links to the rest of the country, both by road and possibly by air should scheduled services start from the airport as is planned.