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Blackpool officially named as best summer destination in UK

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Blackpool officially named as best summer destination in UK


We all know that Blackpool is the greatest place in the UK right? Well now it’s been made official as the seaside resort has been named as the best summer destination in the country.


Topped the polls

Blackpool has long been a favourite amongst those looking for great value for money and excellent family entertainment, however it has now been officially revealed that the town (along with the nearby Lake District) has topped the polls as the UK’s favourite summer holiday destination in 2023. This ranking has been based on many factors including the price of a family day out and accommodation.


High scoring

The research by finance specialists RIFT looked at eight of the leading UK summer holiday destinations and scored them on: The cost of a family day out; The cost of fish and chips; The cost of a pint of beer/lager; the affordability of hotels and guest houses. The lower the price, the bigger the score.


Least expensive

In the rankings, Blackpool scored top alongside the nearby Lake District with a points total of 4.26. At the opposite end of the table, Brighton turned out to be the most expensive overall with a score of 3.67. The most affordable accommodation can be found in Blackpool at an daily average rate of £126 while the average for Brighton is £162, this being the most expensive.


Cheapest pint

The cheapest pint (from the destinations ranked) is also found in Blackpool at a price of £3.25, this comparing very favourably when compared to Brighton which at £5.35 is the least affordable. Unsurprisingly, the cheapest fish and chips can be found in Blackpool at £9.06 while the dearest of the places polled is once again Brighton at £12.68.


Value for money

All of this further highlights the exceptional value for money Blackpool offers. Indeed while the Covid-19 restrictions are long in the past, holidaymakers have rediscovered the benefits of travelling closer to home and are increasingly taking advantage of the outstanding places we have right on our doorstep.


Can’t go wrong

Clearly the message is that if you are looking for great value for money and a holiday which offers the very best all-round experience, then you really cannot go wrong with the bright lights of Blackpool and the peace and quiet of the Lake District.