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Blackpool named as most relaxing staycation town in UK

Blackpool News

We all know that Blackpool is one of the most relaxing places in which to take a holiday but it is now official that the town is the most relaxing staycation destination in the country. For eat very latest Blackpool news as well as a range of ticket discounts for the main attractions, visit today.


Blackpool named as most relaxing staycation town in UK


Blackpool can mean a great many things to different people with many choosing to partake of all the thrills of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the wide variety of shows and events, however for those who visit a quieter holiday it should be no surprise to learn that Blackpool has been named as the most relaxing staycation town in the country.

The popular image of Blackpool is one of thrills and family entertainment, however many visit the seaside town for peace, quiet and relaxation. Indeed, Blackpool really is what you make it and while the lure of the Pleasure Beach or Blackpool Tower may be ever-present, many are attracted by the thought of a gentle stroll along the promenade, watching the sun go down over the Irish Sea along with fish and chips or a stick of rock.

Wellness experts UK Saunas has undertaken a new study into the number and variety of spas and hotels in Blackpool as well as a town’s access to green spaces and local crime rate in order to find the Top Ten peaceful seaside destinations in the UK. The study came to the conclusion that, based on the above criteria, Blackpool is the most peaceful and relaxing place in the UK in which to take a holiday.

This won’t be a surprise to many but it nevertheless further underlines that Blackpool isn’t just about kiss-me-quick hats, rollercoasters and circus acts.


Most peaceful seaside towns in UK


1: Blackpool

2: Bournemouth

3: Scarborough

4: Newquay

5: Weymouth