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Blackpool enjoying a renaissance after years of stagnation

Blackpool News

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Blackpool enjoying a renaissance after years of stagnation


Blackpool hasn’t enjoyed a lot of good news in recent decades with visitor numbers dropping on the back of increased foreign travel and a lack of investment in the town, however all of this has changed in recent years and the future for the seaside destination is looking bright.

It’s fair to say that good news for Blackpool has been somewhat rare in recent decades, however while it is certainly true that the town has received its fair share of negative reviews and a less than flattering reputation over the years, it’s also true that many millions of visitors go home happy after a few days in the seaside resort.

In recent years the popular image of Blackpool as being something of a downtrodden and tacky seaside resort has been turned on its head thanks to some heavy investment and good planning initiatives. The renaissance of Blackpool appears to be gathering pace and anyone who took a stroll down the promenade even 15 years ago would immediately notice a massive difference. The tramlines have been upgraded to serve glistening new 21st century trams, while the focus is now very much on pedestrians as opposed to motor vehicles along the promenade.

Many of the old-fashioned terraced Blackpool hotels and guest-houses are very much the same as they were many years ago, however that is part of Blackpool’s charm and these are complemented by some newly-opened establishments catering for those who want more in the way of sophistication and style. Blackpool now offers something for almost every taste and this in itself has contributed towards a massive increase in visitor numbers over the past decade.

There is now something for every type of visitor and holiday-maker, from fish-and-chip shops to some of the best restaurants in the land. The top hotels in town can stand comparison with some of the best in London and Paris while west-end quality shows serve up family entertainment on every night of the week.

With more huge investment planned for Blackpool in the coming years and many construction projects already underway, the future is looking bright for Britain’s premier seaside resort.