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Baby Orangutang born at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo News

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Baby Orangutang born at Blackpool Zoo


Orangutang are now an endangered species and as such, the announcement that a baby orangutang has been born at Blackpool Zoo has been welcomed by everyone concerned with saving the species.



Efforts are ongoing to save the Bornean orangutang from extinction and the news that a baby orangutang has been born at Blackpool Zoo has been welcome news for conservationists. This new arrival is the first Bornean orangutang to be born at the zoo for two decades and according to zookeepers, this makes him a ‘special baby’.


Critically endangered

This particular species has been on the critically endangered list for the past seven years with populations falling by around 50% over the past 60 years. The risk of complete extinction in the wild is said to be extremely high, the WWF estimating that around 100,000 remain in the wild. This may seem to some like a high figure but it is tiny compared to the 3 million or so which existed at the beginning of the 20th century.


Breeding programme

Breeding programmes are therefore very important to the continued survival of Bornean orangutang and Blackpool Zoo is part of the EAZA Ex Sit Programme (EEP) which helps safeguard the future of endangered species.


Wonderful news

Zoo director, Darren Webster, said: “The arrival of this very special baby is wonderful news, not just for us here at Blackpool zoo, but for the species too.

“One of our resident females, Summer, was the last baby to be born here and we have been working hard to create a breeding group to help safeguard the future of this magnificent species.”

As yet, staff at Blackpool Zoo haven’t decided on a name for the new arrival.