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Blackpool Airport one of the busiest in the UK

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Blackpool Airport one of the busiest in the UK


Despite the fact that there are currently no scheduled passenger flights operating from Blackpool, the airport was 20th busiest in the UK throughout 2022.


Busier than Leeds/Bradford

The most up-to-date aircraft movement figures as released by the CAA confirm that Blackpool Airport was busier than the likes of Leeds/Bradford, Southampton, Bournemouth, Coventry and Teesside last year. The vast majority of the aircraft movements were general aviation which involves all civilian flying outside commercial scheduled passenger flights.


Second Most-popular Airport

In terms of general aviation visitors, Blackpool, was the second most popular airport last year and business aircraft movements increased by a massive 57% compared with the previous year. This latest report will further fuel hopes that scheduled passenger flights can return to the facility at some point in the near future.


Scheduled Passenger Flights

Local business leaders have long argued a case for scheduled passenger flights from the airport to popular destinations such as London, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh etc. Holiday flights to the Mediterranean would provide a handy alternative to the increasingly-congested Manchester Airport.


Discussions Underway

Blackpool Airport managing director, Steve Peters said: “Scheduled, regional domestic operations are also front and centre in our thinking and planning.

“Discussions are underway with interested parties to determine the best routes and aircraft types to deliver these services to the local and wider community.”


New Commercial Opportunities

The latest announcement comes as the airport begins a ten-year business plan to boost its profile and increase aviation movements as well as provide the local area with new commercial opportunities as a direct result.