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Will it be a White Christmas for Blackpool in 2022?

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Will it be a White Christmas for Blackpool in 2022?


2010 was the last time that Blackpool and the surrounding area had a White Christmas with the whole of Lancashire looking like a winter wonderland, however what are the chances that this will be repeated in 2022?

It doesn’t really matter how old we are, most of us secretly (or otherwise) hope for a white Christmas. Almost every year we are disappointed but there have been a few exceptions over the decades. Most recently, 2010 saw Lancashire blanketed in snow on Christmas morning while there was snowfall in many areas exactly twelve months earlier. With the Met Office releasing the weather forecast for the week ahead, including Christmas Day, what can we reasonably expect to see out the window when we open our presents and tuck into our Christmas dinner?

According to the Met Office, the forecast for Thursday and Friday is for unsettled conditions with plenty of rain but easing winds and falling temperatures. With the arrival of colder air, there is an increased probability of significant snow in some areas and as such there is a decent chance that there could be snow in Blackpool on Christmas Day. The Met Office definition of a ‘White Christmas’ is that there needs to be at least one confirmed snowflake falling at some point in the 24 hours of December 25th anywhere in the UK.

The Met Office predicts that colder conditions will dominate towards the New Year with more heavier wintry showers in the north and below average temperatures. There is also a potential for thick freezing fog in the latter stages of the Christmas/New Year period before an upturn in temperatures.