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Reopening Blackpool Airport would be a massive boost for the area

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A survey has indicated that a huge percentage of local people believe that reopening Blackpool Airport to scheduled flights would be a huge boost for the area.

A recent survey has found that around 97% of people would be happy to see holiday and scheduled passenger flights return to the currently under-used Blackpool Airport.

The facility has seen no commercial flights since 2014, however before these services were discontinued, Jet2 had two aircraft based at the airport and was operating flights to eleven different destinations.

The facility is now council-owned but in 2020 it was stated that holiday flights would not be returning, the local authority claiming that there would be “disastrous economic results” were they to do so.

Nevertheless, with PM Boris Johnson calling for the local council to look into reviving the airport with the possibility of attracting airlines to use the facility, the idea of re-opening the airport for scheduled and holiday traffic has resurfaced.

It’s clear that people do wish to see these holiday flights make a return in the near future, a massive 97% of the 1557 people who recently took part in a survey supporting these ideas. Only 3% of those who took part believed that it wouldn’t be a good idea.

In order for commercial passenger flights to return to Blackpool Airport, a brand new terminal would be required. The recently-built passenger terminal was demolished a few years ago when the last holiday flights stopped using the facility and the site is currently being used as offices.

The airport is still used by general aviation traffic as well as helicopter services to Irish Sea oil fields.

Would you use Blackpool Airport were holiday flights to return? Would you ditch the likes of Manchester Airport or Liverpool Airport in favour of a smaller facility? Let us know your views.