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Will Blackpool Airport reopen for holiday flights any time soon?

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Will Blackpool Airport reopen for holiday flights any time soon?


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been calling for holiday flights to make a welcome return to Blackpool Airport, but is this a good or a bad idea?

During his recent visit to Blackpool, Boris Johnson stated that he wished to see holiday flights return to Blackpool Airport and he called for the local council to consider what could be done with the under-utilised airport. The authority had said in the past that flights abroad weren’t a viable option but may local businesses and individuals have already voiced their support for reopening the facility for holiday and perhaps business flights. Concerns have been raised regarding the environment and sustainability however and some are opposed to the idea.

Blackpool was one of the first towns in the UK to have an airport, the first recorded flying activity at the site taking place in October 1909. The airport hosted flights to many European destinations throughout the 90s and 2000s, however the axe finally fell on all scheduled and holiday flights when the facility closed in October 2014.

The airport reopened a few months later and is currently used for general aviation activities, however the newly built terminal, which was capable of handling over 2 million passengers per year, was demolished despite huge opposition from residents and local businesses alike.

Since 2014 the airport has seen an increase in general aviation and there is constant activity between the airport and the nearby off-shore oil platforms in the Irish Sea.

Would you like to see holiday flights return to Blackpool Airport in the near future? Let us know your views.