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Dolphins causing a splash on Blackpool waterfront

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Dolphins causing a splash on Blackpool waterfront


A pod of dolphins has been creating excitement on Blackpool waterfront this week after warm weather and calm tides tempted the mammals close to the shore. Indeed one of the dolphins created something of a splash by gliding in and out of the water in front of amazed onlookers and it is expected that there will be many more sightings throughout the summer.

Pods of dolphins were spotted regularly along the Fylde coast last year and a video showed them jumping in and out of the water to the north of the town.

Blackpool’s Irish Sea coast is home to five different species of dolphin, including the Common Dolphin, Risso’s Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, Minke Whale and Harbour Porpoise.

In 2020, Bottlenose Dolphins were seen by hundreds of holidaymakers around Blackpool’s shores and these were captured in many photographs and videos. The Bottlenose Dolphin is a very popular species of marine mammal, usually living in pods with up to two dozen members.

To get the best chance of spotting dolphins along Blackpool Promenade, take a stroll during warm and calm weather and look out to the Irish Sea. They do sometimes venture close to the shore but take a pair of binoculars and look for any breaks in the water.

Don’t forget to have your phone camera at the ready and if you do manage to capture a photo of these beautiful creatures, be sure to send us your image and we will publish it on, with your permission of course!


Article image courtesy of LB Photography 2022