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Blackpool named as one of the best places to see the sunset

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Blackpool named as one of the best places to see the sunset

Blackpool continues to enjoy rising visitor numbers each year and while many are attracted to the numerous iconic landmarks and events taking place at the ever-popular seaside resort, an increasing number are visiting to see the sunset from the beach and promenade. Indeed according to a new survey, Blackpool is the third best place from which to watch the sun setting in the United Kingdom, the seafront with its iconic steps reaching down to the beach and sea proving to be a perfect place to catch the dying embers of daylight each evening.

Parkdean Resorts analysed the total number of Instagram hashtags and used this to find the most popular beaches in the UK from which to observe the sunset, Blackpool coming in as the third most popular with over 1500 posts including the hashtag #Blackpoolsunset. Clearly it isn’t only the bright lights of the famous resort that will wow you, the romantic beach views of the setting sun will also blow you away.

Blackpool’s famous beach is hugely popular with visitors and the seaside resort is the only one in the country which boasts three piers, the sunset absolutely amazing from all three. Have a relaxing stroll along the promenade and take a rest anywhere along the Golden Mile for amazing picture perfect views out to sea.

Brighton Beach came top in the survey with 8,469 hashtags, while Margate Beach came in second with 2,071 hashtag posts. Blackpool Beach took third spot with a total of 1,515 while nearby Morecambe Beach is the fourth most hash-tagged UK sunset with a grand total of 1,390 hashtags.