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Blackpool set for some positive changes over next few years

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Blackpool set for some positive changes over next few years

Blackpool has been benefiting from huge investment in recent years and this has been put to good use with new hotels, tram extensions and a fabulous new conference centre. Nevertheless with much work yet to be undertaken, we take a look at some upcoming developments in the famous seaside resort.

Footfall has recovered extremely well in Blackpool as a whole following the Covid-19 pandemic and while much new development has been geared towards tourists, more investment is being aimed towards the town centre with some exciting developments on the horizon.

While the town has seen a range of new hotels being opened as well as a new conference centre and cinema complex, improvements are planned for the town centre with the council setting out a new strategy for the years ahead. This strategy is wide ranging and it reflects the change in which the general public are engaging with town centres, not only in Fylde but across the nation.


There are six key areas of priority in the new strategy and these are: 


Public Realm

Cleaning up streets throughout the town and remove/renovate existing street furniture. Enhancing public safety and offering more pedestrianisation on Bank Hey Street as well as creating a walking route as part of the Blackpool Illuminations.


Zoning & Districts

Creating zones for food and beverage, shopping and culture using colour ways, signs, furniture and lighting. This would make navigating the town much easier for visitors.



Creating more green spaces in and around the town centre as well as further afield. Schemes to improve the quality of rented accommodation and developing a better environment in all areas of Blackpool.



Past events have proven to be very successful, examples being the Christmas Village and the Sand, Sea and Spray murals on the front. Many vacant units will be ‘enlivened’ through greater community use. Exhibition space and pop-up shops will also be focused on.


Culture & Entertainment

Blackpool leads the way here but the strategy recognises the need to build on past successes and continue the momentum here. Blackpool town centre can be brought to life using local musicians and promoting flash mob events which could be linked to theatre performances and suchlike.



There is already a strong heritage in Blackpool but there is always room for improvement t and this strategy sets out areas which could be further developed, such as bringing new and more diverse uses to the town centre.