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Blackpool Pleasure Beach News: Fans buy a piece of rollercoaster history

Blackpool Pleasure Beach News


It’s hard to believe that the ‘Big One’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been around since 1994 but one of the town’s principal attractions really is almost thirty years old! Rollercoaster fans have been busy snapping up a piece of history with sections of the track up for grabs due to the ride undergoing a refurbishment.


Fastest and Steepest

When it arrived on the Blackpool scene in 1994, the Big One was the steepest, fastest and tallest ride of its kind, attracting thousands of thrill-seekers from around the world. Nevertheless the ride is almost thirty years old and bosses at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have been busy upgrading the track and refurbishing the attraction ahead of the 2022 season.



With sections of the original track up for sale, rollercoaster enthusiasts as far afield as the USA have been paying as much as £450 for a piece of rollercoaster history. Indeed there has been interest from around the world as work to upgrade large sections of the track get underway. These refurbishment works will be completed prior to the park reopening on weekends throughout February and March.


Record attendances

The theme park is gearing itself up for huge visitor numbers as the attraction prepares for its reopening on February 12th. Initially the pleasure beach will be open weekends only throughout February and March, however it will open seven days a week from the start of April. Indeed with visitor numbers relatively low in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is expected that record attendances will be seen throughout 2022 as holidaymakers return to the seaside destination in large numbers.


Many attractions

The Big One is just one of a large number of thrilling rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which include Infusion, Revolution, The Big Dipper, Grand National, Ice Blast, Steeplechase, Valhalla, Avalanche and the Ghost Train.