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15-year-old fulfils dream of joining Blackpool Tower Circus

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15-year-old fulfils dream of joining Blackpool Tower Circus


Many people dream of joining the circus but for one young lady, this dream has come true. Fifteen-year-old Jasmine Leigh has long been a fan of Blackpool Tower Circus and she has now fulfilled her ambition of become one of the performers at the world-famous attraction.

Blackpool Tower Circus is the oldest and one of the most famous permanent circus arenas in the world and a teenager has just fulfilled her lifelong ambition to perform in front of audiences at the attraction. The circus-mad fifteen-year-old first saw the Tower Circus as a five-year-old and since then she became obsessed and watched the show an amazing 100 times. Jasmine Leigh has now been asked to join Blackpool Tower Circus for their ‘Special Summer Show of 2023’ where she will wow the crowds with her juggling skills.

After being offered the gig, Jasmine said: “The circus has played a huge part in who I am today and to actually be in the show, is a dream come true.

“The entire atmosphere is magical in The Blackpool Tower Circus arena.

“I cannot believe I have now been asked to join them in their special summer performance – this is just pure dreams.”

Jasmine has a long-standing obsession with the circus which started after she was noticed by one of the clowns, Mr Boo. Mr Boo, who is one half of a duo with Mr Mooky, noticed her teddy bear and came to talk to her after the show where they both had a picture taken and he signed the bear.

She continued: “There really is nowhere like The Blackpool Tower Circus.

“And no matter how many times I see The Blackpool Tower Circus, I am always on the edge of my seat.

“I absolutely love it.

“There is always something new to excite and thrill.

“It really is the best in live entertainment.

“It doesn’t get better than Blackpool and it certainly doesn’t get better than The Blackpool Tower Circus.

“I especially enjoy watching Mooky and Mr Boo.

“It was in fact Mr Boo who started my obsession with the show, after he spotted me in the crowd with a Mr Boo teddy bear I’d had made.

“After the show, he came over and I had my photo taken with him and he signed the bear.

“It comes with me to every show.”